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Acharya Anupam Jolly:

Acharya Anupam JollyWhen someone starts his journey of life with this awareness that where to go and what to achieve in life then this journey become "MEANING FULL". This is not a philosophical quote this is my experience. I have born in a very simple family which has no background of Astrology even they weren't good believers of it. I started my life with a thought: "I will live my life as a SPIRITUAL HUMAN SOUL". I can't harm anyone even cannot hurt. That's why I couldn't adjust with a normal relationship pattern, because everyone was running for earning money and other materialistic goals and I was not appropriate for all this. I did a job for a time being it was pretty difficult because I had to tell lie, I had to misguide to our clients and so many manipulations and I was compromising with my values and my soul was getting hurt. It was a very tough time and I was confused because earning money was necessary for the life. So I took a very strong decision and I left the job. I decide to do work as per my choice and I will live my life with my terms and conditions.

"The sun became full of light when it got hold of itself.
Angels only began shining when they achieved discipline.
The sun goes out whenever the cloud of not-praising comes.
The moment the foolish angel felt insolent, he heard the door close." ― Rumi
I completed my education from Rajasthan University with science faculty. With the graduation I was studying Astrology also. I was determined and very much anxious to learn Astrology but the biggest difficulty was "A GOOD TEACHER".... You can say that it was a challenge for me. I tried many institutes and many teachers but they were neither good teacher nor good Astrologer even. I remember it was 1997 summer and I meat Raj Rishi shree Mohan Dutt Rawal ji, one of my very good friend told me about him. I showed my horoscope to Rawal ji, He made me impressed with his deep knowledge about Astrology. I asked him to teach me, he said: " So you were testing me whether I am a good astrologer or not??? "... We both laughed and then he said you have a very beautiful combination of planets to be a good astrologer but I cannot teach so much due to lack of time. I replied Guru ji I have already read so many books and I am doing well but without a teacher I cannot move ahead. He said ok I will help you keep coming...... we discussed so many secret rules and the most amazing part of our studies was he told me some ancient secret philosophy of astrology. I am teaching astrology from 1998 and with proud I can say that I could be good teacher because I had a very good teacher. He advised me to learn other subjects also like Vastu Shastra, Palmistry and Ramal Shastra. I took his advice very seriously and started studies in these subjects.
I did research on vastu shahstra and I found that "we made a house once in our life time but that house makes us daily".... If a house is not constructed as per the vastu rules then the family whether they are owner or not whoever are living in house will be punished by the vastu lord. Any ritual or any custom, tantra mantra, pooja path cannot save them. One Generation to next generation will face pains, failures, troubles and spoiled relationships so and so. Here I am not creating threat I am just telling the facts. We all want a prosperous and peaceful life but without a vastu according house this is not possible. When I was studying vastu shastra I meat so many famous vastu consultants but they even don't know about the exact energy zones and I was surprised on their confidence that they are running institutions. I am teaching vastu shastra from 1998 and my students are doing very well in their areas.
Guru Ji pushed my attention about one more very interesting subject which was "Ramal Shastra". He gave me some notes and very old books also but because I didn't want to learn about Ramal shastra, infact it was not at all my "Cup of Tea" so I took all the stuff and kept it safely in my wardrobe. After few days he asked about the notes, he wanted to know whether I am reading or not. I couldn't answer him and he was very disappointed. He again created my attention towards this subject, he said: Anupam I have a strong feeling that you should learn this and you can make this subject easier for others because you have a very practical approach, your concepts are good and you can give others a very fair education". After listen these words I decided to learn and research in Ramal Shastra. I had no teacher no any guidance but I searched a lot, I meet many people who claim that they are doing Ramal but whenever I ask any question they never replied. I have visited so many places and institutes but still I was empty hands. Finally I opened guru Ji's notes; it was amazing collection I got every answer and every secret rule of Ramal shastra. Today whatever I am teaching in Ramal Shastra or I could make this subject very attractive and easier for all it is all because of Guru Ji.
In 2001 I meat Shree P V K PUNNESHWAR RAO, he was a very good Krishnamurti Padyati astrologer. I learnt a lot about K P Astrology from him. He was very humble and intelligent; he didn't hide anything about his knowledge. He gave me very original secrets of K P astrology which usually other astrologers hesitate to give anyone. With the K P method we can give very correct and accurate answers. This method of astrology works on tiny and hidden but very important parts of the questions. It helps you to know about the facts of personality, nature, color of skin, height, age group and profession, love life and many more secrets. It is a technical subject and good for those who know astrology but anyone can do this.
Life is easy when "Earnings" are not required but if you are a family person you cannot back out from the responsibilities. I was struggling between my responsibilities and my requirements. I wanted a spiritual life but with a beautiful family that means "everything"... I am sure somewhere God was waiting for the right time, during this complicated period one of a very good friend of mine gave me "Autobiography Of Yogi". When I was reading this book something happened and my life was completely changed, I remember somewhere Rumi said:
"Knock and he'll open the door
Vanish, and he'll make you shine like the Sun
Fall and he'll raise you to the Heavens
Become nothing, and he'll turn you into Everything."
I got my way to live a life without any compromise with my responsibilities and requirements. Yoganand Ji said if you run away from your duties you cannot get a path of Divinity. I am living in my desired family with my desired pattern of life.

Anupam Jolly

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